About Sarah McCulloch Designs

Jewelry that empowers your Soul's Intention

Each piece of jewelry I make serves as a powerful talisman for you. You were born with a unique purpose in this life and following your path will take you through periods of growth, challenges and transformation. My designs are symbolic of the transformative power of the evolving human soul and that includes yours. Below the surface of the hand cut silver or gold stencils you can see fiery red copper, glowing gold leaf or oxidized silver the color of volcanic ash. The red color in my designs is copper which I color using a special heat treatment.  I go to great lengths to get a beautiful, solid red color because it symbolizes the passion my customer wants to express.

My intention is to support you by combining jewelry and astrology. Using intuitive astrological readings, you can realize your soul’s purpose in life, identify current challenges you’re going through and then grow and transform as a result. Sometimes transformation may feel like a volcano erupting because we've been neglecting our personal growth for a long time.  I went through something like that in my mid-forties and the power of the eruption was just an indication of how long my passions had been suppressed. Change can be challenging but it's all for the good of personal growth. I want to assure you if you're experiencing something like this, that you will rise from the ashes like a phoenix.   

I started making jewelry in 1976 and it immediately became my lifelong passion. My interest in astrology has grown into a passion as well. I have gone through two major transformations since midlife and I believe it is my own gift and purpose to guide women in finding intimate relationships. Through self knowledge and self love, you can reach a personal level where you can attract a good partner. I personalize this transcendence with amuletic jewelry to wear as an empowering daily reminder of your new clarity in who you are and what you seek in an intimate relationship.

Ignite a Fire Within          


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